Unparalleled Experiences

Session-One Year 14

  • Seventy students attended the September Sports Camp activities the average daily attendance was 63 students.
  • We were awarded a $1,000 Milk Board Grant for snacks and equipment to build our bodies and stay healthy during 2016-17     
  • We received a very generous gift of $300 from the St. Peter’s Women’s Society to provide enrichment programming for STAR youth. These dedicated women have been faithful to our program for more than 10 years.  This year we will dedicate the funds to creating a play for our families to enjoy.
  • We were invited to showcase the STAR program during the visit of the Rural Council of Schools meeting on October 12th.  State Superintendent of Schools, Tony Evers stopped by and enjoyed a Q&A session with some of our kids.  Our program left a noteworthy impression on Mr. Evers.  We were honored when he spoke of our programs strengths at the opening address of the 21st Century Learning Center Conference last week.   
  • We were blessed to have two classroom volunteers who work with the STEP program investing in the success of our program.  Mrs. Gayle Johnson and Mrs. Hazel Ryan help with our Project Based Learning activities.  Their attention to detail and organization is invaluable.  Thank You!
  • We were elated at the record attendance for the annual “Lights on Afterschool event.  Thanks everyone!!
  • We were awarded 2nd place in the Northern District in the Wisconsin Milk Board/Play60 challenge.  We submitted photos of our September Sports Camp activities; the soccer, flag football, and volley pictures were combined with the pictures that we took from the “Lights on Afterschool” activities. Highlights that were captured included the milk mustache and smoothie challenge.  The prize we were awarded was amazing, an autographed Green Bay Packer helmet.  It will be on display for everyone to enjoy for years to come.  Great job everyone!!   Thank You!
  • You may have noticed a huge banner heralding the recent announcement of our schools Active School Award for 2016-17.  We were one of nine schools in the state to be awarded.  The after school program partnered with the day school, helping them to reach their Active School status.  STAR youth will continue to stay active and comply with the guidelines to help maintain our Active Schools status. Let’s all keep moving and making smart food choices.
  • We have the finest and most dedicated after school staff   we could ever hope for.  They genuinely care for our children and are devoted to seeing all students succeed. They graciously invest their time, energy, and expertise into the lives of our youth every evening.  They are in fact unsung heroes.

Final Note:  The November, the STAR PBL was a very special activity for the veterans living in our hometown and around the state.  Jan Luethold took the lead in helping us orchestrate a holiday pen-pal exchange with the veterans.   The STAR youth created a Veteran’s Day photo booth.  They were able to get some great pictures of our veterans for our district’s Wall of Honor.