James Edming

On April 14, Representative James Edming spent the day at Winter School. He started off his day with our Administrator Dr. Gimm and CESA 10 representatives, Lance Gregorich and Charlie Schneider, as they toured our school to see the results of all of our referendum construction that had taken place. He then spent time with Mr. Suralski’s high school classes (Government, US History, World History and 9th grade social studies.) Depending on the class, he spoke about the state constitution and how bills become laws, what it was like to be a lawmaker, legislation that is now being decided on at the state level and other various topics. Middle school students were able to attend one of the classes to hear Representative Edming speak. He finished up his day speaking with Mr. Mooney’s Environmental Class about his role on the forestry and outdoor recreation committee that he serves on. Thank you Representative Edming for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us here at Winter School.