SkillsUSA Team

Skills USA Team competes at State competition.

The Winter Skills USA team recently competed at the SkillsUSA state competition. After not being able to compete the last two years due to Covid restrictions, it was nice to be able to gather and compete once again. SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce. Through educational programs, events and regional and state competitions, students learn about different careers and technical skills that will assist them in excelling in their future endeavors.

Our Opening and Closing Ceremonies team (OCC) consists of President- Brooklyn Petit, Vice President-Cassie Bishop, Secretary-Avah Petit, Treasurer-Holly Cecil, Reporter-Rhiley Ehn, Historian-Rae Bishop, and Parliamentarian- Summer Block. The OCC team competition consists of running a business meeting, where they describe the parts of the SkillsUSA emblem individually and what it means altogether. Our OCC team placed 3rd in the state competition and received a trophy for their efforts. Way to go!!!

Besides the OCC team, we had Carter Petit and Dylan Oldham competing in Welding Fabrication, Matt Limbaugh competed in Wood Working Display, Elaina Brier competed in
Job Skill Demonstration Open with a demo on what a farrier does, and Allison Roberts was our Voting Delegate.

Congratulations to our SkillsUSA members on the fine job representing WSD. We are very proud of you!