Lakeland Honor Society Members

The Lakeland Chapter of Honor Society and Junior Honor Society held their Induction Ceremony on Tuesday, April 12th. Advisor Becky Merrill welcomed everyone and talked a little about the activities the Honor Society does at our school. Students participate in trash pickup twice a year, collect ink, toner, and cell phones for recycling, and collect pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald house. They raise funds through their annual fruit sale, and selling pencils at school.

This past year, 32 students were members of the Senior and Junior Honor Society and they have donated over 600 hours of volunteer service for the past 10 months. To be selected for Junior and Senior Honor Society, students must maintain a 3.3 GPA and apply with an essay about themselves. Members must demonstrate four qualities held in high esteem by the society.  They are Scholarship, which is commitment to learning; Leadership, serving a leader in class and school activities; Character-demonstrating respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring and citizenship; Service-commitment to volunteering our time and talents to help our community.

Five students were recognized as moving up into the Honor Society from the Junior Honor Society chapter. They are Elaina Brier, Gunnar Greuel, Rowan Wergeland, Madison Ehn, and Randi Roberts. Members who received their one year pin this year were Albert Blair, Sebastian Burt, Kate Pasanen, Cassie Bishop, Carter Roberts, Madisyn Miller, Camryn Haus, Jacob Rudnicki, and Laura Orantes. Members who received recognition for 2 years in the Honor Society were seniors Hayden Petit, Jerome Brad, Talisha Blodgett, Dylan Kerner, Janessa Petit, and Trenton Kinsley. These seniors also received special recognition with a plaque and a Honor tassel for their caps on graduation day.

Fifteen new students were inducted into the Junior Honor Society chapter. They are Adam Bednorski, Taylor Novak, Jonathan Lynch, Logan Hautamaki, Drake Rider, Kristyna Gryc,
Justin Kinsley, Tanya Limbaugh, Brenna Ewert, Jaiden Petit, Aliya Wiley, Cory Robinson,
Gracie Granica, Ava Ewert, and Maddison Dalrymple. Students who received their one year pin this year were Arianna Patenaude, Kaydance Granica, Rhianna Garduno, Gwendolyn Greuel, and Reiley Kavanaugh. Students who were recognized for 2 years in Junior Honor Society were Allison Roberts, Haylee Hautamaki, Summer Bishop, Rhiley Ehn, Holly Cecil, and RaeLyn Bishop.

Congratulations to our Honor Society members for their commitment to their community through volunteering and meeting the academic standards of Honor Society.