STAR 2018/19

 21st Century Learning Center


Student and Teachers Achieving Results (STAR) is dedicated to providing  students of the Winter School District with engaging, hands-on, after school activities that promote basic skills, higher level thinking, exploration, practice and reflection; activities that build positive social development.  STAR recognizes and respects student individuality and giftedness.  STAR promotes relationships characterized by honesty, caring, and respect that connect us to our school, homes, and community.

The STAR after school programming aligns academic enrichment with school curricula. We focus and build the following values and provide these supports for our attendees:

  • Physical – Psychological safety
  • Opportunities to build skills
  • Respect and value of youth and others
  • Appropriate structure and programming
  • Integration of  family, school, community
  • Supportive relationships
  • Positive social norms
  • Opportunities to belong
  • Support of efficacy and mattering

STAR staff responds to participants with respect, acceptance and appreciation; they listen to what participants say.  STAR staff intentionally builds and promote relationships characterized by warmth, respect, honesty and caring.