Welcome to the Winter School District!
Winter Elementary School
Wisconsin Title I
School of Recognition

Winter is a K-12 school located on County Highway W in the village of Winter.  The district is comprised of communities located in south-central and southeastern Sawyer County.  Our district is dedicated to providing the best education for our students possible.  With strong community ties and a staff of dedicated professionals, we help our students achieve their best – both personally and academically!



Early Dismissal on February 6th – Teacher Inservice


2014-15 School Year Calendar Change:

May 1 Early Dismissal has

changed to March 13.



The Winter School District is Accepting
Open Enrollment Applications

The district is announcing they are open for open enrollment with available seats in grades 4K-12.

The Open Enrollment Application Season for the 2015-16 School Year is
February 2, 2015 – April 30, 2015.

Open Enroll Today

Contact Mary Dennis
(715) 266 3301 ext. 2249

Be A Part Of The Warrior Way!

Open Enrollment Brochure 2015-16




The fun filled show is sponsored by the Winter Junior Class and all proceeds will be for the benefit of the Junior Class.   The show will take place in the high school gym on February 12th at 7:00 p.m. Advance tickets can be purchased from members of the junior class or at the District Office at the Winter School District.  Tickets may also be available at the gate if there is space available.

For those of you that never had the chance to experience one of these wild and crazy shows, it’s basketball played on real, live donkeys!  It’s wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus!  All local players will be riding, so come out and see someone you know try to ride a donkey and play basketball at the same time.  Laugh as you’ve never laughed before!

Free donkey rides  for children ages 12 or younger.  All children must be accompanied by an adult.


Speaking of Education
Kurt Lindau
District Administrator
Winter School District

As I have remarked before, the Winter School District has some amazing and successful programming in place. The art program is another example of the great things happening in the Winter School. The Winter School District Art Program is a K through 12 visual arts program. Students in all grade levels are introduced to different techniques for creating art, a variety of materials, and the opportunity to create in two or three dimensions. Technology such as computers, iPads, electronic drawing pads, and a SmartBoard are used as tools for learning and creating art. The arts are an important aspect of a comprehensive PK-12 educational program. Thank you to Mrs. Kielcheski for making art an enjoyable experience in the Winter School District.
This is what WSD students have to say about our art program:

Art is a fun way to learn different things that are creative. We learn how to sew, paint, and draw optical illusions. Lana

I like art because it is fun, we do all different projects. I like sewing. It is so fun. Also we do a lot of painting. I like painting. Camryn

I like art because I’m very creative. It is really fun drawing and painting pictures. Art is great! Carter

The art program is fun. It teaches you about sewing, water paint projects, and more. It is the best art program. Tyler

I think the WSD art program is fun because people are learning how to make things like trees and more art projects—like paintings. Skylar

In my opinion art is my favorite class. Seeing the final projects from the students shows what Mrs. K has taught them. Yay, for art! Hope

I think Mrs. K’s art program is great! She shows us hands-on how to make easy and fun things. She teaches us the history of art. I also hear people talking at games—saying how the art looks really nice in the hallway and how talented students here are. It’s nice to hear! Morgan

I think the art program is amazing. I mean Mrs. K is really creative and we never fail to do something new every year. Chris

Winter High School’s art program is a lot of fun. We learn a lot about art in the past and present. In history, we were learning about the Harlem Renaissance and I already knew a lot about it through art class. My drawing and painting skills are better and Mrs. K is a great teacher. Sydney

People love our art program. I know me and my friends always get really excited when we get to work on new projects. It is a good way to express our feelings. We are always doing different things and that makes it fun. Also, our play is one of the best around. We always have cool costumes and fun backgrounds and props. Kristin

Mark your calendar and be sure to attend our K-12 art show in May this year!