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Winter is a K-12 school located on County Highway W in the village of Winter.  The district is comprised of communities located in south-central and southeastern Sawyer County.  Our district is dedicated to providing the best education for our students possible.  With strong community ties and a staff of dedicated professionals, we help our students achieve their best – both personally and academically!



There will be early dismissal on


March 13, 2015 due to Teacher Inservice


Students will be dismissed at 12:45 p.m.



Speaking of Education
Kurt Lindau
District Administrator
Winter School District

As a public educator, one of my roles and responsibilities is that of advocate for the public school system that I serve. The following are some thoughts on the Governor’s proposed state budget as it impacts PK-12 public education and the Winter School District…..

Each community has high expectations for quality educational programming for its students and community members. The communities in Northern Wisconsin thrive when their school systems are strong and able to provide quality programs. Education of our children is of paramount importance when considering state fiscal matters, and rural communities depend upon strong public school systems. In many communities, the school district is the largest employer.

With respect to the Governor’s 2015-2017 State Budget Proposal, I would respectfully request that the legislature reconsider the elimination of the per pupil categorical aid. This would be a $48,000 loss in revenue to the Winter School District. In addition, the proposal to maintain current law by providing $0 for the per pupil adjustment for revenue limits in 2015-16 and 2016-17 should be carefully considered. In light of increased costs, inflation, and unfunded mandates, it can be argued that both of these provisions should be increased, not reduced or eliminated altogether. Adequate inflationary growth is minimally necessary to maintain and grow our educational programs.

The aid reduction and lack of a per pupil adjustment to the revenue limit will have serious budgetary implications for many schools. For many schools, the consequence will be reduced programming and staff reductions. With school districts presently operating leanly and efficiently in the wake of recent budgets, these changes will only serve to negatively impact programming for students and our communities. Communities have come to depend on the exemplary educational opportunities that we offer and will not be able to readily replace these programs outside the school setting.




The Winter School District is Accepting
Open Enrollment Applications

The district is announcing they are open for open enrollment with available seats in grades 4K-12.

The Open Enrollment Application Season for the 2015-16 School Year is
February 2, 2015 – April 30, 2015.

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Contact Mary Dennis
(715) 266 3301 ext. 2249

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