SENIOR Spotlight

Trent Kinsley

Trent Kinsley - “After high school I plan on working at McDonald’s. I also plan on living with my girlfriend Kylie.”

- Trent Kinsley

Talisha Blodgett

Talisha Blodgett-“After high school, I plan to go to college to get a degree in business. I am going to UW- Eau Claire but will be living in an apartment in Menomonie. My dream is to eventually start my own business in animal rescue.”

- Talisha Blodgett

Hayden Petit

Hayden Petit - “After high school, I plan to work in construction and soon after become self- employed. I don’t plan on going to college. I plan to work with my dad for a few years to get some experience and earn money before becoming self-employed.”

- Hayden Petit

Dylan Kerner

Dylan Kerner - “After high school, I plan to go to college a year after high school. I want to go to Rice Lake and take my generals. After that I would like to transfer to Platteville or . I want to pursue a career of photography.”

- Dylan Kerner

Jerry Brad

Jerry Brad - After high school, I plan to work at the gas station to earn more money to be able to go to college. I plan to go for a degree in history and education, because I will be a history teacher like Mr. Suralski. I plan to go to college at UW-Superior.”

- Jerry Brad

Abbigail Kazmierkoski

Abbigail Kazmierkoski - “After high school, I plan to attend Northwood Technical College and study in the nursing field. I want a degree in nursing and hopefully work in a hospital in the near future.”

- Abby Kazmierkoski

Janessa Petit

Janessa Petit -“After high school, I plan on attending Northwoods Technical College. I plan to pursue a degree in early childhood care. Eventually I plan on being a paraprofessional.”

- Janessa Petit