Congratulations Tara Heizler!

Congratulations to Tara Heizler for providing 5 years of service in the food service department! You are appreciated!!


Congratulations to Heather Greuel for providing 5 years of service and to Billy Phillips for providing 10 years of service to the WSD! You are appreciated!

returning staff group photo

Welcome Back!! Dr. Ray- High School Science (not pictured) Sandy Johnson-MS Special Education (now full time) Shelby Schuck- HS paraprofessional Rebecca Erickson-HS Literature/Lang. Arts Denise Pleoger- Librarian/Reading Interventionist(now full time)

new staff

Billy Phillips-Tech ed teacher added Dean of Students Heather Greuel-Paraprofessional to 4th grade teacher Alicia Lueloff- SPED Teacher to HS special Ed to Business Education Shana Lindquist-HS Lang Arts Teacher to Principal Jack Delabar-Phy Ed teacher-added Athletic Director

new staff

Welcome to WSD! Reuben Bigjohn -High School Math Lauren Stanley-High School Special Education Kelli Loser-Bookkeeper Garrett Bates-Elementary Special Education Stephanie Schick- Art teacher Kaage Howes-High School paraprofessional (not pictured)