Budget and Financial Information

Dr. Andrew Grimm, District Administrator
Winter School District

The preliminary budget proposed for the Winter School District has been developed and determined for the 2021-2022 school year using the current law revenue limit formula. The budget serves as a management tool to guide and direct the financial operations of the school district. It represents the district’s plan for implementing policies, goals, services, programs, and the District’s Mission. The annual meeting for the Winter School District will be held in the School Library on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 7PM. This meeting gives electors the opportunity to participate and approve the budgeting for the operations of the local school district. 

This budget document summarizes an estimate of the expenditures necessary to continue high quality educational programs and services and an estimate of the revenue available to pay for those expenditures. The 2021-2022 Budget will be carefully managed throughout the school year to ensure that the appropriated funds are spent according to the district’s mission, vision, strategic plan and budget plan.

The following is an overview of how the budget has come together for the 2021-2022 school year:

  • The 2021 general all fund revenue limit for Winter School District is 3,432,103.

  • This includes paying our new bond debt (fund 39) at a payment of 270,019. 

  • The community service fund (fund 80) is levied at 177,387 to pay for our after school program.

  • The certified amount of state aid is down 15 percent from 57,568 (2020/21) to 50,036 (2021/22).

  • The equalized value of Winter School District is up to 506,650,886 from 475,695,724 in 2020/21.

  • The calculated mill rate for 2021/22 is down to 6.77 from 7.28 in 2020/21.  That is a saving of 51 dollars for a house costing 100,000 and that includes payments for the 4-million-dollar referendum. 

Again, this budget is an estimate and serves as a management tool to guide and direct finical operations; there will be changes to revenues and expenditures as the school year progresses.

The students and staff at Winter School District appreciate the continued support from the electors of the Winter School District.


2021 22 Budget Booklet

2021-22 Budget Publication