College Courses in High School/Credit Options

College Courses while in High School:

  • Allows students in grades 11 and 12 to enroll in one or more nonsectarian courses at a UW campus or center, a vocational/technical school, or a private college located in the state.

  • Provides that post-secondary admittance be contingent on meeting entrance requirements and the availability of space.

  • Requires that transportation be the responsibility of the parent/guardian and student.  (There are some provisions for assistance to low-income families.)

  • Requires a student application and notification process so that school district planning and reporting may take place.  Applications for enrollment for obtaining high school credit in these courses must be made by March 1 for the fall semester of the following school year, and by October 1 for courses to be taken during the spring semester of the following school year.

  • Requires the school district to determine whether the course satisfies state graduation requirements and what, if any, high school credits are to be awarded to the student.  If high school credit will be awarded, the local school district is responsible for the cost of tuition and textbooks.  Students should check with their counselor to determine if textbooks are available.

Credit/Course Options: 

For more information on course options, check out this link: Credit/Course Options

Please contact your counselor for further information.