College and Career Resources

Getting Started - A General Plan

• Know yourself and your reasons for attending college
• Consider college characteristics
• List, compare, and visit colleges
• Apply for admission and observe deadlines
• Develop a plan to finance your education
• Review and finalize your plans

Things to Consider when Choosing a College or Technical School

• Program choice
• Entrance difficulty
• Location
• Size
• Cost
• Student body
• Parents’ opinion

What Colleges Look For

• Class rank
• Standardized test scores
• Challenging curriculum
• Attendance
• Extra-curricular activities
• Community involvement
• Personal recommendations 

Below is some information and additional websites you can check out to learn more about career exploration, colleges and universities, military, and technical colleges.


Careers  –  Occupational Outlook Handbook  –  Workforce Development Centers  -  Wisconsin careers - gateway for Wisconsin labor market information - assists in labor trends analysis - jobs, companies, networking, options

Universities and Colleges

How to Get Into College - Affordable Colleges Online – UW System Help On-Line Home Page - The CollegeNET search engine helps you quickly find the ideal college. Narrow down by region, college sports, major, tuition, and several other criteria. Hotlink from your search list directly to homepages of the schools in which you are interested. Review, compare, and sort schools according to exclusive, detailed profiles provided by ACT. - Wisconsin private college/universities website  -  Resources for college bound students with a disability

Technical Colleges – Wisconsin Technical College System - Western Technical College - Madison Area Technical College

Academic Success Habits and Practices

Study Plan

Study Before Exams

Take Effective Notes

Manage Your Stress

Test Taking Strategies


Military - This site provides information regarding the over 4100 jobs available in the military. Parent and student pages provide information regarding frequently asked questions. - what the recruiter never told you - Army - Navy - Air Force - Marines - Coast Guard - Wisconsin Air National Guard - Wisconsin Army National Guard


Apprenticeships - Information on construction apprenticeships - Tool, Die and Machining Association of Wisconsin - American Mold Builders Association - National Tooling and Machining Association, Milwaukee - Madison Area Plumbing Contractors