Middle School Clubs

Student Council

Activities:  The club schedules and chairs activities such as dances, snack breaks, and service projects, etc.   

Students are required to keep their grades and behavior at a high level to be a member.  

Students learn to hold meetings, plan activities, to give and receive input from their classmates, carry out tasks and follow through on projects  


Activities:  Creating a Middle School Yearbook

Students are responsible to take pictures throughout the year and sort the picutres for the most suitable picture for the yearbook.  The yearbook completion is strictly dependant on student motivation.  

Lakeland Conference Honor Society

To become a member of the National Honor Society a student must maintain a grade point average of 3.3 for a prolonged period. The initial invitation to the National Honor Society is first based on GPA. From the invitation students then complete the application process and that information is given to the faculty council who decides on their acceptance into NHS. If anyone has any questions they can contact Mrs. Johnson.

8th Grade Promotion Video

Activities:  Create an 8th grade promotion video to be presented at 8th grade promotion.

8th grade students are responsible for collecting baby pictures from their classmates and compiling them into an 8th grade powerpoint.